Why Plaid Blondie?

Someone once called me a “city girl”.  I admit I flinched, then wondered… how I could be perceived as a city girl?    No offense to those rockin’ urban chics  out there,  it’s just that I am not one.   I guess the heels were to blame, they were wedges actually.  My closet is a home to wedges, boots, canvas sneakers with holes, and tattered laces, and several flip flops.  I am not a city girl, and although I do love visiting the city for a brief period of time, I prefer being at the lake over shopping, working in the yard, over working in the house, and a picnic in the country over a fancy restaurant.  That all inspired me to write again.  I wanted to come up with a unique name.  There are so many amazing blogs out there, how can I compete?  So it was simple, I love plaid shirts. Each color is it’s own, yet it’s not.  When it touches another color, they kind of melt together to create a whole new hue of its own.  I wanted to blend my love of (my attempt at) simple living with my creative side.  I will share some D.I.Y. projects, yummy recipes, and other everyday life experiences.  For my creative side I will sprinkle in a few fictional pieces.  I hope that reading these will put a smile on your face,  a warm place in your heart, and make it a simple, enjoyable experience so that you’ll want to come back for more!

And always remember….

Don’t judge a girl by her shoes!